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Our app automatically updates the time of the shows according to the timezone set in your phone!

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All the live shows are reunited in one unique app. No need to loose time looking for links in Facebook.

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The app is daily updated with upcoming events of comedy, fitness and music across the world.

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To access any event you just need to tap on it. The app will redirect you to the live show!


New version for Android: 1.0.2

New version for Android: 1.0.2

Hi there! Are you bored and don't know what to do next, while waiting for the possibility to get back to your real life? Have a look on our We Are Live App, here we make you feel live. Check out We Are Live App new version, it contains some important changes you will...

We are officially Live

We are officially Live

In quarantine times, different social networks help us to break the monotony and keep up to date with a content we like the most. The artistic community has reorganized itself resulting in doubled number of livestreams. For many of us, a new challenge is at stake: how...

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