The We Are Live was created to help you!

Understanding the challenges and important changes quarantine brings to our lives nowadays, we decided to create the We Are Live App to help you find your favourite free live shows of Music, Fitness and Comedy. We put all shows in one place to guarantee you keep updated and don’t lose time surfing the Internet to find them. Stay tuned.

Our story

During the quarantine time, Luis Mendes Amado noticed the increase of live free shows appearing in the internet. Unfortunately, all this shows are in different platforms i.e. Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, and it is difficult to keep track of them all and never miss anything interesting. With this in mind, Luis learned how to create mobile apps using the framework of Google and started designing the beginning of what is today the We are Live App. During 15 hours, Luis searched the internet and read thousand of articles and created a simple app without the need of registration or login that help users from all around the world to discover new live free shows of Music, Fitness and Comedy. 

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Luis Mendes Amado

Founder / Developer

Carlos Pinho