Hi there! Are you bored and don’t know what to do next, while waiting for the possibility to get back to your real life? Have a look on our We Are Live App, here we make you feel live. Check out We Are Live App new version, it contains some important changes you will be delighted to experience.

New Logo and Icon
We made it even more recognisable and enjoyable for your eyes. We do know how much you miss the normal life and night parties with friends when staying at home. Therefore, we designed the Logo and Icon of We Are Live App with colours of club lights and soffits so you could feel the rhythm of life.

We corrected the bugs and optimised the performance
Yes, we made the app faster and reduced the space it takes on your phone. On top of that, opening of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube live streams became easier. Before the update, the shows opened directly in the browser which didn’t allow you to watch the live streams directly. Now, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube live streams open directly in the respective apps. In order for it to work, you need to have the apps installed on your device. And it’s not all yet, you can also enjoy a new screen when loading the We Are Live App.

Filter your favourite music, fitness and comedy events
Now the feature we all waited for – the possibility to filter music, fitness and comedy events. We know, how many online events take place in the world every day, and how good would it be to reduce the time finding our favourite ones. From now on, no need to scroll all events to find the one you need. Use our filter for a quick and convenient search, we value your time.

Updated page in Google play store
We updated our promotional images in Google Play Store for a better overview of the new version of We Are Live App. We also offer our page in Google Play Store and our website in Portuguese language. Now our biggest community of users enjoy the app in their native tongue.

What’s next?
Having received multiple requests from our users who want to enjoy the We Are Live App, we have started the development of We Are Live App for our iOS users. Soon you will be able to enjoy our app on your iPhone as well.

Join and stay with us, we have a lot more coming next. Together we will develop the most comfortable experience to watch free live shows of music, fitness and comedy to overcome these difficult times.