In quarantine times, different social networks help us to break the monotony and keep up to date with a content we like the most.

The artistic community has reorganized itself resulting in doubled number of livestreams.

For many of us, a new challenge is at stake: how can we keep up with everything that happens?

We Are Live available at Google Play Store

The answer to this challenge is – the We Are Live application.

A young Portuguese man passionate about social media Luís Mendes Amado has reinvented the way we discover live streams today, by gathering all free live shows in one place called the We Are Live application.

All live streams are categorized i.e. from music and comedy to fitness and many others, so the users can find their favorite content in the most simple and fastest way ever.

The We Are Live application automatically adapts to each user’s time zone, without having to calculate time differences, thus avoiding losing your event.

A touch on the screen is enough to directly access the desired event, without the need for subscription, logins, passwords or other complications.

The application is available for phones with Android 4.1 or higher and does not take up much space on the phone. To install the We Are Live application you only need 9mb.

In order to support the artistic community and beyond, the application brings together free live streams posted on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

The application is updated daily with upcoming events around the world.

Never before has social media played such an important role in breaking down barriers of isolation.

Discover new free live streams in one place, just download the mobile app We Are Live in Google Play Store.